Publications of the AHSA

The AHSA distributes four regular publications to its members. Details of these are provided below.


Aviation Heritage cover image

Aviation Heritage

The journal of the Aviation Historical Society of Australia

“Aviation Heritage” is the journal of the AHSA, providing carefully researched articles on topics related to aviation history in Australia by AHSA members.

“Aviation Heritage” is rich in articles and stories that you won’t find anywhere else. From the obscure to the famous, the range of articles covered in “Aviation Heritage” is surprising and always satisfying. Often, individual articles are run over several issues due to the depth of research done by members.

“Aviation Heritage” regularly features colour sections, featuring fascinating and often never seen before images from members, and from Australia’s premier aviation image archive, “The Collection”. Articles cover a wide variety of topics including the people, the aircraft and the organisations which contributed to Australia’s rich aviation history

Latest issue

Volume 44 Number 4 is a special issue commemorating the centenary of the visit to Australia by Harry Hawker with the Sopwith Tabloid aircraft. Contents of this issue:

  • Harry Hawker; the Australian Aviator who Influenced the World (Chris Hawker)
  • Harry George Hawker; His Early Life in Melbourne (Jim Dale)
  • Harry Hawker’s Involvement in Designing Sopwith Aircraft (Gary Sunderland)
  • More Sopwith Designs
  • Harry Hawker Memorials (Neil Follett)
  • The Australian Sopwith Gnus
  • Sopwith Wallaby
  • Sopwith Antelope
  • Sopwith Dove
  • Sopwith Pup
  • Hawker Demon
  • Hunters and Other Stuff

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AHSA Newsletter

The official national newsletter of the AHSA

The AHSA Newsletter is published quarterly and provides updates on all the activities of the AHSA.

Covering the latest news and information regarding activities and members, the newsletter also includes updates on past meetings, visit reports, book reviews and a range of short articles.

Requests for research and specific questions are also listed in the Newsletter.

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Southern Skies

Newsletter of the AHSA (NSW) Inc.

“Southern Skies” covers news and activities of the AHSA (NSW) Inc. This includes details of previous and future NSW meetings, association activities in the NSW area, a calendar of events and articles of interest by NSW members.


Loops and Landings

Historical NSW Aviation Stories

“Loops and Landings” is a supplement to “Southern Skies” inspired by John Kingsford-Smith. In regular installments it provides a unique insight into the aviation history of the Sydney area between the World Wars.