This Day in History: 1974-04-25

Cessna A150K Aerobat VH-DXB operated by Wonbalya Air Pty Ltd crashed at Jimba Jimba Station, WA on 25 April 1974. The aircraft was engaged in mustering sheep. On its return to the mustering area, communication was established with a stockman riding a motor cycle who was directed towards some straggling sheep. The aircraft then dived to a low height to indicate the position of the stragglers. As the aircraft pulled up from the dive the pilot said that he had lost sight of the sheep and would dive towards their position again. The aircraft again dived to a low height and climbed away with the wings level. As it commenced to level out at a height estimated as between 300 and 500 feet, the engine noise was heard to cease and it then passed out of the stockman’s sight behind a tree. An impact noise was heard shortly afterwards. Examination of the wreckage Indicated that the aircraft had struck the ground in a very steep nose down attitude consistent with an uncompleted recovery from a stall. There was no evidence of any engine defect and it was established that aircraft had adequate fuel. There were 2 fatalities. Sources: ATSB; website