The AHSA was formed in Melbourne in 1959 by a group of people interested in recording and promoting Australian aviation history. The first issue of the AHSA Journal, now called Aviation Heritage and a Newsletter was also distributed to members. Aviation Heritage is the published record of Australian aviation history researched by members and others and submitted to the editor.

AHSA is Australia’s oldest established Aviation Historical Society and has members in all states of Australia and worldwide.


The Aims of the association are:

  • To encourage and assist the research, writing and recording of Australian aviation history.
  • To record the achievements of Australian aviation and its people.
  • To produce publications relating to Australian aviation history.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of events in Australian aviation history.


For historical and legal reasons the AHSA currently operates as 3 separate incorporated bodies:

  • AHSA Inc. (Incorporated in Victoria 19 August 1996). AHSA Inc. produces the Journal ‘Aviation Heritage’ and operates this website.
  • AHSA NSW Inc. (Incorporated NSW 9 November 2000)
  • AHSA Qld Inc. (Incorporated Qld 14 September 2017

AHSA Inc. have encouraged the incorporation of AHSA in other states in an endeavour to grow, develop and create a physical AHSA presence across Australia and to provide for a greater exchange of ideas and articles between states. It also allows for “own state” member meetings in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

‘Aviation Heritage’ is only available to members of the above organisations.

Each body produces newsletters.

Membership and benefits

By joining AHSA Inc, members will:

  • Be eligible to receive Aviation Heritage the AHSA Journal (issued March, June, Sept & Dec), dedicated to uniquely Australian aviation topics, and rarely covered elsewhere and AHSA Newsletters.
  • Be able to attend monthly meetings including special lectures at Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.
  • Become part of a national fellowship of people dedicated to recording, researching and sharing information about our flying heritage.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to access and talk to a wide range of people with interests and experience in all aspects of Australian aviation history.
  • Become part of a national fellowship of people dedicated to recording, researching and sharing information about our flying heritage.
  • Receive offers of exclusive books and discounts at bookstores and museums that offer discounts to AHSA members.
  • Receive invitations to events such asvisits to aviation museums, private aircraft collections, aircraft manufacturers and operators.
  • Participate in discussion on AHSA Facebook Group. This is a great way to communicate with other online members and to seek or provide information to Australian aviation history questions.

Membership of AHSA is great way to learn more about Australia’s aviation heritage. You will also be contributing to and learning from Australia’s oldest aviation society. As a member, we welcome your contributions, by attending monthly meetings or conducting research of your own, for possible inclusion in our quarterly journal or newsletter.

Applicants may join in their state of domicile where that is an option (Victoria, NSW and Queensland) and participate in local meetings and activities, or membership can be obtained direct with AHSA Inc.

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Facebook Group

The AHSA operates an active Facebook group, open to members and friends. Click here to go to the group.