This Day in History: 2012-03-19

CZAW SportCruiser 24-7552 operated by Hinkler Flying School crashed near Fairymead, just north of Bundaberg, QLD on 19 March 2012. The ultralight with two men on board took off on a training flight from Bundaberg airport about lunchtime. A search began when they failed to return to the airport by early afternoon and the wreckage was found at first light the following day in a cane field. Police scientific officers attended the scene and a coroner’s report was prepared. Emergency crews found the bodies of the pilot and his passenger in the wreckage, but Inspector Kev Gutteridge says efforts to recover the bodies and clear the site were difficult. “We’re currently sitting in the middle of a very wet, boggy cane paddock,” he said. “It’s relatively accessible by foot; however, vehicular access to that area is going to be very restricted.” Sources: website; ABC News