This Day in History: 2014-03-22

Cessna U206G Stationair VH-FRT operated by Adrenalin Skydivers crashed at Caboolture Airfield (YCAB), QLD on 22 March 2014. The aircraft was being used for tandem parachuting operations at Caboolture Airfield, Queensland. At about 1124 Eastern Standard Time, the aircraft took off from runway 06 with the pilot, two parachuting instructors and two tandem parachutists on board. Shortly after take-off, witnesses at the airfield observed the aircraft climb to about 200 ft above ground level before it commenced a roll to the left. The left roll steepened and the aircraft then adopted a nose‑down attitude until impacting the ground in an almost vertical, left-wing low attitude. All of the occupants on board were fatally injured. A post-impact, fuel-fed fire destroyed the aircraft. The ATSB identified that the aircraft aerodynamically stalled at a height from which it was too low to recover control prior to collision with terrain. The reason for the aerodynamic stall was unable to be determined. Extensive fire damage prevented examination and testing of most of the aircraft components. Consequently, a mechanical defect could not be ruled out as a contributor to the accident. Source: ATSB