Aviation Heritage Volume 51 Number 4 contents listing

Cover image: Aviation Heritage Vol 51 No 4

The latest quarterly edition (December 2020) of the AHSA journal – Aviation Heritage – has recently been posted to members. Full contents are listed below:

Aviation Heritage, Volume 51 Number 4, December 2020

135 Memorial: Brocklesby, NSW, Ansons N4876 and L9162 by Neil Follett: Details of the memorial to the unusual incident of two RAAF Avro Ansons (N4876 and L9162) colliding and landing while locked together, piloted by LAC Leonard Fuller.

139 The Arrivals: C.E. Kingsford Smith, G.U. Allen and W. Hewitt 11/5/1931 by Neil Follett: The flight by Kingsford Smith, Allen and Hewitt from Koepang (departed 25/4/1931) to Darwin (arrived 11/5/1931) in Fokker FVIIb/3m VH-USU “Southern Cross”

140 The Starters: Alfous & Carl Breitenbach 20/5/1932 by Neil Follett: The attempted flight by brothers Alfous and Cark Breitenbach from Zurich (departed 20/5/1932) to Australia, but last reported at Constantinople 27/5/1932

141 The Harrison Air Log – 1945 by Neil Follett: A log of all flights made by John Harrison in his aerial photography career. This installment from 20/7/1945 to 9/12/1945, with log details and pictures.

143 Pussy Purple: The Theater of War No. 79 Squadron RAAF Part 3 by Douglas Scott: Edited by Mike Milln, the memoirs of RAAF WW2 pilot Douglas Scott. 6 Readiness; 7 Billboards and Cruises.

150 Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru for Australia, Part 1 by Nigel Daw: Importations and assembly of the Fuji FA-200 Aero Subaru, with details of each individual aircraft, covering C/N 2 – 23.

159 The Internment of CAC Test Pilot Hubert Boss-Walker by Joe Vella: A brief biography and details of the war-time internment of CAC test pilot Hubert Boss-Walker.

169 STOL Air Services Pty. Limited. by Roger McDonald: Details of the PNG charter company STOL Air Services.

175 First Lightie Into Essendon by David Prossor: The first VFR light aircraft landing into Essendon airport (19/06/1971) after Ansett and TAA airlines ceased operations.