Aviation Heritage Volume 50 Number 4 contents listing

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The latest edition (December 2019) of the AHSA journal – Aviation Heritage – has recently been posted to members. A complete listing of contents is shown below:

Aviation Heritage, Volume 50 Number 4, December 2019

135 Oswald Watt Medal: John Dickenson 2012 by Neil Follett: Brief biography of John Dickenson, inventor of the modern pendulum weight-shift hang glider.

136 Memorial: R.S.L., Artillery Crescent, Warnambool, Vic. by Neil Follett: Details of the memorial to Archie Thomas William Lindsay who served in the RFC and was taken prisoner in WWI.

137 The Arrivals: Charles Kingsford Smith by Neil Follett: Details of the flight by Charles Kingsford Smith in Avro Avian G-ABCF “Southern Cross Junior”, departed Heston, UK, 9/10/1930 and arrived Darwin 19/10/1930.

138 The Starters: Flying Officer C.L. Chabot & Major C.M. Pickthorne by Neil Follett: Details of the attempted flight from UK to Australia by Flying Officer C.L. Chabot & Major C.M. Pickthorne, departed Lympne 6/10/1930, abandoned Karachi 13/10/1930.

139 The Harrison Air Log – 1942 by Neil Follett: A log of all flights made by John Harrison in his aerial photography career. This installment from 2/1/1942 to 9/12/1942, with log details and pictures.

141 2019 Marks the 100 Year Commemoration of Harry Hawker’s First Attempt to Fly the Atlantic Ocean by Chris Hawker: Harry Hawker’s attempt to fly the Atlantic in the Sopwith Atlantic in May 1919.

146 Australia’s Little Known Commuter Airlines: Aeropelican & Illawarra Commuter Air Services by Roger McDonald: Details of Aeropelican & Illawarra Commuter Air Services, flying on routes connecting Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong and Bankstown from 1967 to 1980.

149 Piper PA-24-250 Comanche VH-DOL by Neil Follett: Detailed history of Piper PA-24-250 Comanche VH-DOL, now in the collection of the South Australian Aviation Museum.

151 Flying the Strzelecki Track in a DC-3 by Ben Dannecker: 1976 flights from Leigh Creek to Moomba, South Australia, keeping supplies flowing after major floods.

152 Shortest DC-3 flight between two airports in Australia? ML RW 16 to EN RW 08 by Ben Dannecker: 1970s flights by Forrestair DC-3 aircraft from Melbourne to Essendon following Bass Straight crossings.

156 Globe-Trotting DC-3 by Geoff Goodall: Eventful early career of MacRobertson Miller Airlines’ Douglas DC-3 VH-MMT “RMA Turner” c/n 6353.

162 From the Cockpit: Douglas DC-3 by Ben Dannecker: Impressions of flying the DC-3.

165 Australian Aero Club Aviator Certificates 1914-1918 by John Willis: Details of courses and Aviator Certificates issued by the Australian Aero Club during the First World War.

171 Nullabor by Night – Now Long Ago by Mac Job: A night flight from Ceduna to Cook in RFDS de Havilland Dragon VH-AGI in the 1950s.

175 DC-3 Flying in Papua New Guinea by Roger McDonald: Details of a 12-day trip around Papua New Guinea in DC-3 aircraft in 1968.