Aviation Heritage Volume 53 Number 2 contents listing

The latest quarterly edition (June 2022) of the AHSA journal – Aviation Heritage – has recently been posted to members. The full contents are listed below:

Aviation Heritage Volume 53, Number 2, June 2022

47 The Arrivals: E.H. Jenkins and H. Jeffrey by Neil Follett: Details of the flight by Harold Jenkins and Harold Jeffrey who departed London 29/12/1931 and arrived Darwin 22/2/1932 in Desoutter G-ABOM (formerly EI-AAD, later VH-UEE and which is now on display at Launceston Airport terminal).

49 The Starters: Roy Tuckett and John Chapman by Neil Follett: Details of the flight from England to Australia by Roy Tuckett and John Chapman who departed Croydon, UK on 26/2/1934. On the return leg back to the UK Tuckett sold the de Havilland DH.80 Puss Moth G-ABPF to a local in Singapore.

50 Memorial Page: Yarram, Vic. by Neil Follett: Details of the memorial to Herbert Nicol Parkside and his friend Clifford Wynne who lost their lives in the crasch of CAC Wackett Trainer VH-BCP at Yarram, Victoria on 5/5/1959.

51 Letter to the Editor: Regarding Rev. Len Daniels by Dave Prossor: More information about Rev Len Daniels and his experiences with the Bush Church Aid Society and de Havilland DH.60X Cirrus Moth G-AUGM (later VH-UGM).

52 CAC CA-30 Macchi MB-326H A7-054 by Tony Todaro: Details of engine testing by CAC using the fuselage of A7-054 following its writing off after an in-flight collision.

54 Australia’s Little Known Commuter Airlines: Staywood Airlines by Roger McDonald: Profile of Staywood Airlines formed by Bill Bell and which operated from Warnambool from November 1985 to March 1994.

58 Ivor McIntyre at the Australian Aero Club (South Australian Section) Inc. by Mike Milln: Description of the activities of Ivor McIntyre at the Australian Aero Club (South Australian Section) from 1927 until his death on 12 March 1928.

62 The Tale of a Target Towing Mustang by John Laming: A target-towing episode in the life of CAC Mustang A68-113 at 10 Squadron in Darwin in 1953.

64 Night spraying. Wee Waa, NSW 1974 by Dave Prossor: Details of night-time aerial spraying of cotton in the Namoi district, including background, operators, and a detailed aircraft listing and photographs.

71 Air Force Week Display. Laverton, Victoria, 16 September 1962 by John Hopton: A report on the Air Force Week air display at Laverton, Victoria, on 16 September 1962 written by John Hopton (from Aviation Heritage September 1962) is updated with photographs from Barry Tate and Neil Follett.

76 Martin NB-57 Crashes by Neil Follett: Details of the crashes of USAF Martin NB-57 aircraft 52-1496 and 53-3826 in September and October 1962.

78 The Piaggio P.166(B) in Australia and Papua New Guinea: VH-ASA C/N 409 by Roger McDonald: Details of Piaggio P.166(B) VH-ASA C/N 409 operated by Airlines of South Australia, Australian National Airways, Commuter Airlines, and then Forrestair Stevens and finally Eagle Airways.

83 From the Cockpit: Piaggio P166B by Ben Dannecker: Development of the Piaggio P166B and details of flight handling.

87 Bristol Beaufighter Mk.I A19-43 by Neil Follett: Short history of Bristol Beaufighter Mk. I A19-43, serving with 31 Squadron RAAF then its recovery by AARG and subsequent transfer to the Wright-Patterson Air Base Museum.