AHSA Melbourne Meeting October 2022 (Peter Hobbins: The RAAF’s early embrace of flight simulation)

Our October 2022 Melbourne meeting was another joint presentation with the RAAF History and Heritage Branch, and we thank them for this continuing collaboration. The meeting was held in person at the RAAF Association meeting room in Hawthorn and also “broadcast” to interstate members via Zoom.

Dr Peter Hobbins, Head of Knowledge at the Australian National Maritime Museum spoke on the topic “Faith and fidelity: the RAAF’s early embrace of flight simulation”, describing how the RAAAF adopted this technology in training.

Peter has also written an article on one aspect of this topic, The Elusive A-63: The Link Celestial Trainer in RAAF Service, and this was published in the December 2022 edition of Aviation Heritage, the Journal of the AHSA (volume 53 number 4).