Aviation Heritage Vol. 54 No. 3 (September 2023) Contents Listing

The latest quarterly AHSA journal – Aviation Heritage – has recently been posted to members. The contents of all articles are listed below:

Aviation Heritage Volume 54, Number 3, September 2023

91 The Arrivals: C.W.A. Scott by Neil Follett: Details of the solo flight by C.W.A. Scott departing Lympne 19 April 1932 and arriving Darwin on 28 April 1932 in de Havilland DH.60M G-ACOA.

92 The Starters: F.B. Chapman by Neil Follett: Details of the attempted solo England-Australia flight by Francis Blomfield Chapman who departed Lympne UK on 11 August 1932 and made a forced landing at Sasaram (near Bihar) India on 15 August 1932. He was flying Comper Swift G-AAZD.

93 Memorial Page: Pithara, Western Australia by Neil Follett: Details of the memorial at Pithara, WA, to John Cowe McIntosh who died in “the first air disaster in WA” when an Avro 504 crashed on 28 March 1921. Albert J. Loughlin was injured in the crash.

94 Australia’s Little Known Commuter Airlines: Nationwide Air Services Pty Ltd by Roger McDonald: A brief history of Nationwide Air Services, established by a division of News Limited to distribute the newspaper The Australian. Nationwide operated from March 1969 until August 1975 and also expanded into regular services between Albion Park, Sydney and Newcastle.

99 Sidney David Marshall MBE (Part 4) by Greg Banfield: Part 4 of an extended interview with Sid Marshall by Greg Banfield. Covering his time back in Australia from the mid 1930s until the end of the Second World War. People who appear in Sid’s story include Ian Grabowsky, Joe Palmer, R.A. Charlton, Milton Kent, George Falkiner, Jack Davidson, Jack Hodder, Dr R.A. Mooney, Frank Mitchell, C.H. Fischer, Warren Penny, Harold Affleck, Eric Cross, J.K. Richardson, Sir Charles Wakefield, Mrs Amy Madden, Robert Thyne Reid, Arthur Butler, Dr Geoffrey Young, Captain F.R. Matthews, Les Holden, Fred Eager, Ralph Virtue and Dr Harold Dicks. Aircraft which feature in this installment include Short Scion G-AUCX/VH-UUP, Tugan Gannet VH-UVU, Waco ECG8 VH-AAF, B.A. Eagle VH-UUY, Waco YKS6 VH-UYD, de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth VH-UVL, Avro Avians VH-UVX and VH-UHC, de Havilland DH.90 Dragonfly VH-UTJ, Cierva C.30A Autogiro VH-USR, de Havilland DH.87 Hornet Moth VH-UXO, de Havilland DH.80 Puss Moths G-ABDW/VH-UQB and VH-UPM, Cessna C34 VH-UYG and Avro Cadet VH-AGH.

106 William (Bill) Rudolf Buddicom Bedford of Kyancutta (9.7.1909 – 25.3.1972) by Mike Milln: A biography of Bill Bedford of Kyancutta, SA, including geological expeditions with his father Bob Buddicom, enlisting with the 5th Battalion in January 1942, the purchase of his first aircraft in May 1946, obtaining his pilot’s license in 1948, and the many aircraft he owned and flew. Personalities mentioned include Major Hereward de Havilland, Amy Johnson, Lawrence Matulich, Laurence Newman, Jimmy Mollison, Roy Goon, Jimmy Woods, Kevin Barns and Alan Chadwick. Aircraft mentioned include Junkers F.13 VH-UKW, de Havilland DH.66 Hercules G-AUJO ‘City of Perth’, de Havilland Hawk Moth VH-UNW, de Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth A17-329/VH-AUN, Avro Ansons MG271, MH219 and MG841, de Havilland DH.84 Dragon VH-AGI, de Havilland DH.83 Fox Moth VH-AAA, Auster J/1 Autocrat G-AGVR/VH-WRB, Auster J/5 Adventurer VH-KAV, Auster J/5G Autocar VH-BSX and Beagle A.109 Airedale VH-UEP.

112 Eyre Peninsula Airways Ltd by Neil Follett: A brief history of the short-lived Eyre Peninsula Airways which operated the Junkers F.13 aircraft VH-UKW from November 1928 to June 1930. The airline’s assets were taken over by Goldfields Air Navigation Ltd.

114 Target Towing Beaufighters by Richard Hourigan: Details of the 15 RAAF Beaufighters converted for target towing duties.

116 A Sidelight On “Smithy” The Movie by Steve Dyer: Brief details of pilots and aircraft used in the 1946 movie “Smithy”

118 History of CAC CA-12 Boomerang A46-30 by Richard Hourigan: A history of the CA-12 Boomerang A46-30 now displayed at the RAAF Museum, Point Cook, including its role in the 1946 movie “Smithy”.

121 Guinea Airways Lockheed Aircraft by Nigel Daw: Details of the Lockheed aircraft flown by Guinea Airways from July 1936 to 1944. Aircraft covered include Lockheed L.10A Electra VH-UXH (first Lockheed of its type in Australia), L.10A VH-UXI, L.10A VH-AAU, L.14H Super Electra VH-ABI, L.14H VH-ADW, L.14H VH-ADY, L.18 VH-CAC and C60 VH-CEE.

128 Flying Boat Down: The Loss of Catalina A24-381 by Ryan Tracy: Details of the loss of Catalina A24-381 when it crashed on Lord Howe Island on a training flight on 28 September 1948. Seven crew members died and two survived.