Membership subscriptions for 2021 reduced due to COVID-19 situation

At the 21st Annual General Meeting of the Incorporated Society on Wednesday 23rd September 2020, the Committee recommended reducing the annual subscriptions for the 2021 calendar year due to possible financial hardship felt by members due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This recommendation was accepted by the members and so the subscriptions for the 2021 calendar year are as follows:

1 year – Australia $50.00
1 year – Asia Pacific $55.00
1 year – Rest of the World $73.00

This applies for renewals and new memberships.

This is a great initiative by the Committee, recognising that members may have been impacted financially by the pandemic, and also recognising that we have not been able to meet in person for quite some time. However, with the availability of monthly meetings via Zoom, there are more aviation history events accessible to members than ever before.

To take advantage of the revised lower subscriptions for 2021, make your renewal online in the AHSA Store, or for new members, fill out the membership form on the JOIN page and send it to the Membership Secretary.